About Taylor

Taylor Griffin is a native of Eastern North Carolina with the perfect mix of government and private sector experience to get the job done in Washington D.C.

After earning a Political Science degree from Appalachian State University, Taylor went to work for Senator Jesse Helms, learning first hand how to put conservative values in to action.

Taylor then went on to serve in the White House and the Treasury Department under President George W. Bush.

Taylor took his entrepreneurial spirit and skills to the private sector, founding a leading public policy consulting firm, quickly growing it to a business that included over 20 employees on its payroll.

Eventually, the call of his home state was too strong and he sold his share of the company and now resides in New Bern.

Taylor will stand up for Eastern North Carolina against a federal government that is out of control. Taylor will work to repeal Obamacare and to force Congress to live by the same rules as the American public.

Tax increases and government regulation have hurt job creation and Taylor will champion the cause of getting our state back to work again.

Taylor will fight for Eastern North Carolina’s military bases, our service personnel and our veterans.

Taylor Griffin will be a Republican Congressman you can be proud of.

It's Time to Take Back North Carolina's Third!